The Empty growlers
back from the woods

This is Americana, mountain, Montana fishing, mountain biking, craft beer drinking...this is fun

About Us

The guys

Tim and Mike Nordstrom are brothers- fifth generation Montanans that write and play Americana music. They always include Montana-centric songs, but have broadened their appeal as they have become older and wiser (or just older).  These music artists are very adept at conveying the essence of the American west. 

Our history

Beginning in 1999 they released their first album, "Under Yellowstone Skies" which received a lot of play on NPR and several NPR programs. A couple of years later they recorded with Lloyd Maines as Producer and released "Life is for the Living".  Their third album is another collaboration with Lloyd Maines and will include some special guest artists.  

Our sound

Early works sound a bit like John Denver meets Jimmy Buffet.  Today the sound has matured, lyrics deepened and the harmonies have tightened.  Sibling harmonies are often easy to spot, and this duo pairs like a fine bourbon and a high dollar cigar.  


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